Monitoring Sugar Cane Production in Northern Belize

In 2016 the Belize Sugar Industry needed to become more competitive in order to survive the loss of the European Union preferential market prices. A plan to develop a Sugar Industry Management Information System that would consolidate different industry processes, establish a Geographic Information System for member access to parcel maps and storage of farmer information and sugar cane delivery data was completed. The system needed to display productivity maps that would allow sharing of information to stakeholders and associations as well as individual reports on yield rendering.

ArcGIS Software Development

Our Solution for Production Monitoring

Our custom software solution involved the development of a barcoded ticket system that was made available at stakeholders for distribution to farmers. It included a unique field id that needed to be scanned upon delivery at the Mill.

After mapping individual cane parcels in the Northern Sugar Belt every field has been assigned a unique identification number. Our system uses this number to generate a barcode which must then be delivered and scanned at the Mill in efforts to reduce human input error. This would help us identify where the cane being delivered is coming from. Additional information like date and time the cane was burnt was also included to collect more data in efforts to calculate loss of quality from field to mill.

Production Monitoring Barcoded Tickets


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