Geographic Information Systems

How can Geographic Information Systems help in Agriculture

GIS has already evolved and continues to do so. Its information model was originally centered around local files on a single computer. Today it has evolved into central database environments that revolve around clients and servers. EliteCSoft has the experience in developing complete client/server GIS applications that synchronize across global platforms. Geospatial information lets you visualize data more clearly on easy to use map interfaces.

GIS Software Solutions

A vast amount of data is created every day from sensors and devices: GPS devices on vehicles, objects and people; sensors monitoring the environment; live video feeds; speed sensors in roadways; social media feeds. This data is knows as ‘Real-Time’ data and only recently has the technology emerged to enable this real-time data to be incorporated into GIS applications. It is vital to recognize the phenomenal growth of GIS and how its can be used in different fields. GIS helps people make better decisions, reduce costs, work more efficiently, communicate better and gain key insight.

Benefits of GIS Applications

  • Geographic Intelligence – GIS maps provide windows into useful information
  • Visual Overlay of Data – Maps can help in finding patters in mountains of data
  • Spatial Analysis – Maps help you perform geographic analysis
  • Track and Monitor – Know where your workers are and keeping them safe
  • Manage Operations – Know where things are located and what their current conditions are
  • Send Updates and Alerts – Send processed information or messages to alert users of an event

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