Add points data to polygon using spatial location from join and relates function

When using Esri’s ArcMap you will sometimes need to join data from one layer to another. In the case where you have data of just points and you want to merge that data into a shapefile that has polygon data – You can do so using ArcMaps spatial join and relate function and join by spatial location. This allows you to merge points data with another layer that has polygon data. Please note that if you have multiple points inside a polygon you will need to decide which point you want to ultimately have on that polygon and remove the others.

  • Step 1 – Use Join and Relate Function:
    Right click on the Layer that you want to add the points data from. Select Join and Relate from the menu and select Join.


  • Step 2 – Select Join based on Spatial Location:
    On the Join Data dialogue box select Join data from another layer based on spatial location. Then select the second option under number 2. “Each polygon will be give a summary of the numeric attributes of the points that fall inside it.”


  • Step 3 – Specify output of new shape file:
    Click okay and the output will be created and saved under a new shape file and added as a new layer in ArcMap.
ArcMap Join and Relate
Join and Relate Function
join based on spatial location
Select Join based on spatial location
Join Data by Spatial Location
Join Data by Spatial Location

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