What is DevOps ?

What is Devop Ops?

DevOps is defined as the union of people, process, and products to enable continuous delivery of value to our customers. It involves :

  • Agile planning. Creating a backlog of work that everyone on the team and in management can see. Then prioritize items so what to work on first. The backlog can include user stories, bugs, and any other information that helps us.
  • Continuous integration (CI). Automating building and testing of code every time a team member commits changes to version control.
  • Continuous delivery (CD). By testing, configuring, and deploying from a build to a QA or production environment.
  • Monitoring. Using telemetry to get information about an application’s performance and usage patterns continously improving via iteratations.

What makes us an Elite Team?

Our Team helps companies experiment with ways to increase customer adoption and satisfaction. It can lead to better organizational performance, and often to higher profitability and market share.

It uses metrics to create four categories by which to compare elite performers with low performers.

Elite performers:

  • Deploy more frequently – In fact, some teams deploy up to dozens of times per day.Practices such as monitoring, continuous testing, database change management, and integrating security earlier in the software development process help elite performers deploy more frequently, and with greater predictability and security.
  • Reduce lead time from commit to deploy – Lead time is the time it takes for a feature to make it to the customer. By working in smaller batches, automating manual processes, and deploying more frequently, elite performers can achieve in hours or days what once took weeks or even months.
  • Reduce change failure rate – A new feature that fails in production or that causes other features to break can create a lost opportunity between you and your users. As high-performing teams mature, they reduce their change failure rate over time.
  • Recover from incidents more quickly – When incidents do occur, elite performers are able to recover more quickly. Acting on metrics helps elite performers recover more quickly while also deploying more frequently.

How you implement cloud infrastructure also matters. The cloud improves software delivery performance, and teams that adopt essential cloud characteristics are more likely to become elite performers.

Outsourcing can save money and provide a flexible labor pool, but it must be used in the correct areas. Low-performing teams are more likely to outsource whole functions (like testing and operations) than their high-performing counterparts.

Looking for help with Dev Ops?

Our experienced team can help you with your project.

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