Information Design Tool – Create a data foundation using SAP HANA tables

Once a relational connection has been created in SAP HANA, the next step is to create a data foundation for the universe. When connecting SAP HANA, you can build your data foundation by selecting the appropriate tables and creating joins between them, or you can build your data foundation directly on a pre-existing analytics or calculation view.

To create a new data foundation:

  1. Right Click the HANA project. Then Click NEW and select new data foundation.
  2. Specify a unique name for the data foundation.
  3. Setup the data foundation type to be single source. Then click next.

Note* that the relational connection has been published to the repository, creating a secured connection shortcut. Use the shortcut as the connection for the data foundation to secure the universe.

  1. Once the connection is established, the next step is to setup the data foundation to process SQL statement most efficiently for SAP HANA
  2. Click to view the properties for the data foundation. Click properties.
  3. View the parameters for the data foundation and set JOING_BY_SQL to YES

Note* A query may contain multiple SQL statements. When the JOIN_BY_SQL parameter is set to NO, these multiple SQL statements are processed one at a time, and the result are aggregated in the client tool. When the parameter is set to YES, the SQL statements are re-written into a single statement, and the aggregation takes place in the database. This makes the query faster, and requires less memory from the client tool.

  1. Click connection and navigate to and select the tables that contain the desired data for your universe
  2. Click next to expand the groups and expand the tables and Double Click to add the tables to the data foundation.
  3. Next create the joins between the tables.

Finally create the relations to each table and select cardinality or you can automatically detect cardinality. Once you are done click to collapse each table and click to auto arrange table. Save changes and you have now completed creating a data foundation using SAP tables.

Information Design Tool - New Data Foundation
Information Design Tool - New Data Foundation
Data Foundation Dialouge Box
Specify Unique Name for Data Foundation
Data Foundation Type - Single Source
Data Foundation Type - Single Source
Edit query script parameters
Edit query script parameters
Create Relation to each table
Create Relation to each table

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