Business Intelligence

These days most companies are struggling to find a way to gain the advantage over their competitors by examining large amounts of data and finding insight through the use of executive dashboards and reporting. Business Intelligence software such as Microsoft BI tools enable rapid report deployment and ETL Tools for presenting and analyzing data.

Data Warehouse Structure
Data Warehouse Structure
Microsoft BI tools such as SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) are currently leading the way for Online transaction processing(OLTP) used for capturing, storing, and processes data from transactions in real time and doing Online analytical processing (OLAP) which uses complex queries to analyze aggregated historical data from OLTP systems to build reports.
EliteCSoft experience consultants can help you gain the advantage with a custom ETL solution and reporting for your business.

    Information Design Tool – Create a data foundation using SAP HANA tables

    Once a relational connection has been created in SAP HANA, the next step is to create a data foundation for the universe. When connecting SAP HANA, you can build your data foundation by selecting the appropriate tables and creating joins between them, or you can build your data foundation directly on a pre-existing analytics or calculation view.

    Information Design Tool – Create Relational Connection to SAP HANA

    When setting up a Universe that connects to SAP HANA, you must first create a relational connection to the HANA database using JDBC or ODBC drivers. Once the connection is …

    Create a Calculation View in SAP HANA

    Calculation views are composite views used on top of analytical and attribute views. It can perform complex calculations not possible with other view…

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